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TBEB Contest Entry: Flora and Fauna~
    It was late in the evening of a lovely spring day, a mare and two foals laid upon a blanket, enjoying the eve. From a distance, the soft sound of a camera's shutter could be heard. If one didn't know her, a pony may think that Fauna was spying on the assumed family below. But, this was not the case, Fauna was secretly photographing her lovely little family from afar, taking much more natural pictures of them. With a soft sigh as the sun's light faded into a gorgeous dawn sky, Fauna strolled down the hill to be greeted by her two twin children, Meadow and Moss, a unicorn female and a pegasus male, as well as her wife, Sky Lilly. "Oh, I am so glad you could make it my darling flower." Sky Lilly smiled softly. Meadow and Moss ran up to their other mother, nearly tripping her, "Mama! Mama!" the two exclaimed loudly. This caused Fauna to laugh and pretend to fall to the ground so her children could smother her in love. She was careful not to accidentally fall on her camera tho
:iconmoon-the-feral-druid:Moon-the-feral-druid 5 2
Ravenrock Pride: Den Mother Kuzami by Moon-the-feral-druid Ravenrock Pride: Den Mother Kuzami :iconmoon-the-feral-druid:Moon-the-feral-druid 15 3 Sunpass Summit Pride: Huntress Zola by Moon-the-feral-druid Sunpass Summit Pride: Huntress Zola :iconmoon-the-feral-druid:Moon-the-feral-druid 16 1 Ravenrock Pride: Healer Nolwazi by Moon-the-feral-druid Ravenrock Pride: Healer Nolwazi :iconmoon-the-feral-druid:Moon-the-feral-druid 6 0 Ravenrock Pride: Huntress Naledi by Moon-the-feral-druid Ravenrock Pride: Huntress Naledi :iconmoon-the-feral-druid:Moon-the-feral-druid 8 0 Ravenrock Pride: Huntress Ethwasa by Moon-the-feral-druid Ravenrock Pride: Huntress Ethwasa :iconmoon-the-feral-druid:Moon-the-feral-druid 5 0 Ravenrock Pride: Huntress Zamani by Moon-the-feral-druid Ravenrock Pride: Huntress Zamani :iconmoon-the-feral-druid:Moon-the-feral-druid 10 0 Ravenrock Pride: Warrior Nomvula by Moon-the-feral-druid Ravenrock Pride: Warrior Nomvula :iconmoon-the-feral-druid:Moon-the-feral-druid 3 0 Ravenrock Pride: Warrior Jama by Moon-the-feral-druid Ravenrock Pride: Warrior Jama :iconmoon-the-feral-druid:Moon-the-feral-druid 7 0 Ravenrock Pride: Princess Nanima by Moon-the-feral-druid Ravenrock Pride: Princess Nanima :iconmoon-the-feral-druid:Moon-the-feral-druid 8 0 Ravenrock Pride: Queen Khaya by Moon-the-feral-druid Ravenrock Pride: Queen Khaya :iconmoon-the-feral-druid:Moon-the-feral-druid 6 0 Ravenrock Pride: King Induna by Moon-the-feral-druid Ravenrock Pride: King Induna :iconmoon-the-feral-druid:Moon-the-feral-druid 5 0 The Rouges: Chaka by Moon-the-feral-druid The Rouges: Chaka :iconmoon-the-feral-druid:Moon-the-feral-druid 9 0 The Rouges: Kufika by Moon-the-feral-druid The Rouges: Kufika :iconmoon-the-feral-druid:Moon-the-feral-druid 6 0 The Rouges: Nandi by Moon-the-feral-druid The Rouges: Nandi :iconmoon-the-feral-druid:Moon-the-feral-druid 8 5 The Rouges: Syiza by Moon-the-feral-druid The Rouges: Syiza :iconmoon-the-feral-druid:Moon-the-feral-druid 5 0


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So, I know you all remember seeing Christmas wishlists, and I figured I do a birthday one since my birthday is this friday, yes, haha 4/20 is indeed my birthday. I will be turning 23!

Also, everyone I tag in this list, do not feel like you have to do anything, this is what it says in the title a wish list, meaning I enjoy your art, but doesn't mean you have to do anything! It is a very short list so, here we go!

1. A chibi of Moonfury with a birthday hat, sticking her tongue out and presenting her butt to the viewer, by, of course, qatsby, because who else haha <3

2. So, we've mentioned this before, but a next generation from Moonfury and her lovely smol marefriend, Rose Gold, by BijutsuYoukai <3

3. A Black Tip Reef Shark Pastel Punk Girl (fur)sona from Qamrah because your designs are just adorable! Or even a headshot piece with Moonfury and Rose Gold kissing, because gosh your art is so good, and cute! <3

4. If you are up for it, and have the time, a sketch or something of our ponysona's hugging, because I simply adore you and your art, and you are always so sweet when I commission you Micky-Ann <3

5. I really enjoyed how you drew Moonfury and Rose Gold, so possibly a small colored sketch of the two. Maybe of the two sticking out their tongues, or laughing at each other from AshuriKRBG

6. I adore your designs, and your art is so beautiful and cute, so a possible custom, if even just a headshot, of a Discord x Trixie Lulamoon babe, I'd love that so much from Arirain <3

7. And last, but not the least, for lucky number seven, I would love, love, love to see my love bug, Moonfury, with Rose Gold in your style! I loved the piece I commission of thier old designs, from ChoralSeashelle!!! <3

And I think that will do it! Again, none of these have to be done! I just admire you all and would be so happy!!

Also just so they're easy to get to, refs:

My ponysona:…


GF's ponysona:…

Thank you so much all of you for even taking the time to read! <3

qatsby BijutsuYoukai Qamrah Micky-Ann AshuriKRBG Arirain ChoralSeashelle


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moon how do you literally get the best designs ever fjklgjklsf
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Does your art trades are open?
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happy birthday!!
Thank you so much!!
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no problem!!
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Happy Birthday Moon! :D :D :D
Thank you so much!!! 💜💖💙
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